Timer function for control cabinets

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Wednesday, July 15, 2020Description :
Timer functions might be the best example that control functions within a control cabinet are not necessarily very complex and their programming demands a lot of expert knowledge. With timer relays it is very easy to build up logics to switch consumers at a defined point in time. COMPLETE line now offers a new smart way to do this: the MACX-TR timer relay enables the control of timer functions and provides a lot of special features for an easy installation and set-up. ?The first special feature of this timer relay is the OLED display: it displays the current status by a countdown and allows the rapid selection of time functions. ?The guided configuration via the pushbuttons allows a precise setting. ?With the smart MACX-TR app you have access to additional device information and timer relay data sheets at any time. ?Further an error-free and rapid transmission of existing and stored con'gurations is also possible via smartphone using NFC communication. COMPLETE line offers scalable solutions for all functions of control cabinet building. With MAXC-TR timer relays you can realize basic control functions as smart and easy as never before. If you want to learn more about COMPLETE line solutions for simple control functions visit us at phoenixcontact.com! ?Follow our YouTube series or visit https://phoe.co/completeline ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates: https://phoe.co/subscribe

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