Surge monitoring for predicitive maintencance with COMPLETE line

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Thursday, September 24, 2020Description :
Surge monitoring is a smart way to use predictive maintenance to guarantee power reliability for control cabinets. Even the best surge protection can only survive a limited number of transient events. COMPLETE line offers a smart solution to enable power reliability. To learn more about that Sascha meet Achim who is the expert for surge protection at Phoenix Contact. Achim presents him IMPULSECHECK – the first intelligent assistant system for surge protection. - IMPULSECHECK is an intelligent cloud-based monitoring system for surge protective devices - The hardware detects electromagnetic interferences and surge currents and transfers all the data to the PROFICLOUD - The web application IMPULSE ANALYTICS analyzes this data and displays the results - This makes disturbances visible which were hidden until today so we can react before something happens. The remote maintenance of surge protection via IMPULSECHECK and Proficloud is one of the smart digital services COMPLETE line offers. If you want to learn more about smart COMPLETE line solutions for your applications follow our YouTube series or visit Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates:

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