Speech Scenario: Software Quality Proven for SECS/GEM

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019Description :
Looking for a smart way to validate a SECS/GEM tool? Speech Scenario Improve overall equipment software quality Be confident in software modifications What's in it? Simulate the Fab Host to automatically validate a SECS/GEM tool at your factory before shipment (FAT) or at reception on your customer site (SAT) Supported SEMI standard: - E4 SECS-I (serial protocol) - E37 HSMS-SS (ethernet protocol) - E5 SECS-II - E173 SECS-II Message Notation (SMN) Features: - Receive and Send any SECS-II compliant message (including E40, E94, E87, E30,...) - Write your own testing scenarios in C# - Benefit from a powerful API to manage synchronous / asynchronous messages - Benefit from standard scenarios - Provide logs in SML and SMN - Can be either Host or Equipment - Manual mode or automatic mode - Auto-document SECS-II logs with variables/event names thanks to SEMI E-172 (SECS Equipment Data Dictionary) 3 modes: - Manual testing: - Configure Speech Scenario according to equipment automation specifications (SEDD) - Send SECS-II messages manually - Check incoming message content manually - Validate equipment interface - Automatic testing: - Write a scenario - Execute the scenario and let Speech Scenario validate incoming messages - Validate equipment interface Console mode: - Let the continuous integration server execute scenarios - Be notified about equipment interface validation Speech Scenario in your entire development process: 1. For equipment software development 2. For Factory Acceptance Tests 3. For equipment software upgrades

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