Protective device and power supply as the perfect team for control cabinets

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Protective device and power supply as the perfect team for power reliability at your control cabinet. That is exactly what PLUGTRAB-SEC protective devices and QUINT POWER power supplies do. The QUINT POWER power supply here is particularly powerful thanks to SFB technology, preventive function monitoring and a long service life. With the slim Type 3 surge protective device PLUGTRAB-SEC in your control cabinet, you can protect your end devices safely from overvoltages. ?We have already coordinated the surge protection components of the two products with each other during development. Test results in our laboratory show the symmetrical current distribution in the event of a surge. ?In case of a surge event the current then flows completely through the power supply and is discharged by the surge protection components it contains. ?If PLT-SEC is placed in front of the power supply, the power is split 50% between both devices. ?This way life of the QUINT POWER power supply is 10 times higher as soon as I use the PLT-SEC as surge protection. As Phoenix Contact trusts 100% in this team we make a very special offer: If, despite using this combination, your 4th generation QUINT Power power supply should be damaged, you will receive a free replacement for the first five years after purchase. COMPLETE line offers solutions with added value for every function within your control cabinet. ?If you are interested in more advantages of the COMPLETE line approach, follow our YouTube series or visit ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates:

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