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Wednesday, February 12, 2020Description :
Plant maintenance is a time-intensive task for every company. Nevertheless, it is mandatory and indispensable to avoid system failures and ensure the security of facilities for employees. COMPLETE line provides solutions that do not only simplify the production of control cabinets but also reduce the subsequent maintenance efforts enormously. ?According to some factory standards it is obligatory to tighten all screws of a control cabinet one time a year to ensure the reliability of all connections. ?If you replace all screw connections by Push-in technology the fit of wires is secure even under challenging conditions like vibration. ?The contact spring is also opened automatically when the conductor is pushed in and provides high contact and conductor pull-out forces. ?The Push-in technology guarantees vibration resistance in accordance with railway standard DIN EN 50155 as well as shock and corrosion resistance in accordance with current shipbuilding registers. Further it is certified for process engineering in the field of increased safety (Ex e). COMPLETE line offers product versions for all functions with Push-in connection. This way you do not only speed-up the wiring of control cabinets but also save a lot of time for the servicing of your plants to meet internal and external norms and standards. ?If you want to learn more about the numerous advantages of COMPLETE line for all aspects of control cabinet building, do not miss our upcoming videos and visit us at ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates:

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