Planning interface between ZUKEN E3.series and PROJECT complete

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Wednesday, August 12, 2020Description :
Planning interfaces between CAE system and terminal strip planning simplify the engineering process of control cabinets immensely and avoid mistakes due to a manual data transmission. The planning interface between ZUKEN E3.series and PROJECT complete planning software enables the seamless exchange of planning data. ?The bidirectional interface allows you to import terminal strips into Project Complete, add the minimum necessary accessories and return them to the E3.series. All this, of course, with just a few mouse clicks. ?In addition, you can also simply create the corresponding markings. That saves a lot of valuable time. ?As an official partner of ZUKEN, Phoenix Contact provides high-quality data in the Component Cloud. The data can be downloaded for free and used directly in the database. It provides all geometric information such as dimensions, markings and connection points. Time-consuming manual work steps are no longer necessary and therefore it's about 10 times faster. The interface of ZUKEN and PROJECT complete is a prime example for efficient engineering by simplifying and automizing work steps that used to be done manually. This way engineers save time and avoid mistakes. Check out PROJECT complete on and get your control cabinet building ready for IIoT! ?Follow our YouTube series or visit ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates:

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