Miniaturization in control cabinet building

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019Description :
Miniaturization is a topic of growing importance for the control cabinet building. On the one hand space is always a limited resource in industrial applications. Decentralized control cabinets often require small dimensions. On the other hand, the demand for an increasing number of functions cause the need to place even more components in the control cabinet. The necessary conclusion of these circumstances is that products for control cabinet building need to get miniaturized. Luckily COMPLETE line offers random smart products that reduce the amount of space mandatorily compared to conventional solutions. ?CONTACTRON motor starters require up to 89% less space in comparison to standard switching devices. ?TERMITRAB complete is the narrowest surge protective device with just 3.5 mm width. That means space savings of up to 80% in contrast to comparable products. ?PTFIX is a distribution terminal block that enable a transverse mounting on the DIN rail. This way you can realize space savings of up to 50 percent. ?Axioline Smart Elements is the new I/O system that provides 32 connection points on only 15 mm. This compactness is unique on the market. Space is limited at the control cabinet. Nevertheless, the complexity and functionality of plants continuously grows, and more components are needed. For this reason, COMPLETE line provides particularly compact and multifunctional solutions. ?If you want to learn more about our product portfolio, follow our YouTube series or visit ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates:

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