Laser marking device Graphix workstation

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Laser marking device Graphix workstation
Description :

Product advantages :

Compact : "All in one" integrates the laser source, the optic, the focal and the control electronic system.

Flexible : The laser marking head can be implemented in multi position in X and Y to ensure a working surface of 250 x 250 mm.

Smart : The door opening is assisated with 2 positions which allows a fast access to pieces. In option, a side opening system for bar and long piece passage.

Intelligent : The digital management of the Z axis ( maximum stroke of 300mm) allows the marking of all your pieces. The rotary axis, in option, ensures a marking on 360°.

Customer benefits :

Adapted ergonomy : Space-saving and easy to use in a workshop.

3D mark function : With the Z axis digital driving.

4 marking zones : 2 positions in X and Y.

Ergonomic : Best quality / price / performance ratio of its market.

Important loading volume : Piece with a maximum dimension of 500x500x300 mm.

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