Internet of Wet Things. Or: Picnic with ifm

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Saturday, August 15, 2020Description :
This is how ifm sensors might provide perfect support during a picnic! The TD2291 checks the perfect drinking temperature of the sparkling wine. The useful display on the measuring head, its accuracy and its suitability for use with food products (very high protection against water and dust) speak for themselves even in this unusual application. A TN2105 in the cooling box itself makes sure that the ice is really cold. Since the bottles are closed, it does not matter that the TN is actually intended for industrial applications. Its high protection rating ensures that the sensor works perfectly even when lying in ice. Our two picnickers have probably also been convinced by the operating and display elements on the unit (ifm typical 45° slanted display with three-button operation), its accuracy and - thanks to the high industrial protection rating - its insensitivity against immersion in water. And the E30443 IO-Link master display displays all measured values. ifm - always and everywhere close to you - with the required Corona safety distance. Learn more about our temperature sensors: Learn more about our IO-Link - Displays:!/S/BD/DM/1/D/0/F/0/T/24 #closetoyou #sensors #temperaturemeasurement

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