Integrated marking system i141


Integrated marking system i141
Description :

The integrated marking system i141 is a compact dot peen marking head specifically designed for seamless integration into automated production lines, and can be mounted in any position (up, down, side-ways). Its large marking window and electromagnetic driving technology allow for permanent, deep marking on various surface shapes and materials (flat, concave, convex, circular, raw, machined, etc.). The integrated marking solution i141 can mark any material, from plastics to hardened steel (up to 62HRC). The internal components are protected by a steel case, while flexible bellows allow continuous industrious use.

Its use requires no consumables and minimal maintenance, and it does not require a separate pneumatic system. The cable disconnects for fast and easy replacement. The integrated software's programming process is refreshingly easy to use, even with minimal training. The quality and precise accuracy of the guidance, the wide tolerance between the stylus and part, and the superior performance of the integrated software make the i141 a high performance, super reliable tool.

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