Individual connection with the HEAVYCON configurator for heavy-duty connectors

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020Description :
Create your individual connection with the configurator for HEAVYCON heavy-duty connectors. If a control cabinet needs to be connected to the field, a reliable and secure interface is required. HEAVYCON heavy-duty connectors offer individual solutions with modular contact inserts for the transmission of data, signals, power or pneumatic applications. The HEAVYCON configurator is the fast track to order an individual connector that fits specific requirements perfectly. The tool is available on the Phoenix Contact web page. ?Insert web code #1708 at the search mask of to address the online configurator for heavy duty connectors. ?Choose if you want to configure a modular or heavy-duty connector or a connector with a fixed number of positions. ?For a modular connector you need to select a suitable frame first. ?Now you can configure the contact inserts by selecting parameters like the number of module slots, size or mounting site. The preview simplifies the selection. Additionally, we can use the filters to choose between different numbers of positions, application, contact types or connection methods. Just select the modules via drag-and-drop. ?Afterwards just decide for an appropriate panel mounting base, a sleeve housing and a cable gland and your customized product is ready to be ordered. ?In the end you can check your connector on the 3D demonstrator. Additionally, you can directly download the product data for your CAE planning – so you receive both the connector and its digital twin. ?The HEAVYCON configurator is the fast track to your individual connection. With only a few steps you create a solution that fits your requirements perfectly. If you want to find out more about COMPLETE line please visit ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates:

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