How to Upgrade Physical Access Control

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Saturday, September 21, 2019Description :
There is an ever evolving threat landscape making it even more important, and challenging, for physical security professionals to protect people, facilities and data. In this short video, learn how a dynamic access control system allows you to meet today’s requirements while being flexible enough to respond to future needs. How do you upgrade your physical access control system? And why is it important? There’s no reason to wait for a breach or system failure. Proactive steps to avoid a security event mitigate risk and the impact to your workforce or customers. Systems utilizing an up-to-date access control protocol, such as Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), create a path to adopt technologies as they become available. Moving away from legacy credentials like Prox Card in favor of flexible, software-based credential technologies like Seos allow for applications that go beyond physical access. New options, such as mobile access control, project a modern image while providing employees with convenience and choice. And security is boosted while creating an adaptable, modern and future-proof infrastructure. More information on these and other upgrade opportunities is available at

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