HID Mobile Access®: How to Use Mobile Access Control in Your Organization

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Saturday, September 21, 2019Description :
What is mobile access and how can you utilize it in your organization? Learn more about mobile access control and its benefits in this video. Mobile access is a modern access control solution that provides choice and convenience for your employees and visitors, while delivering efficiency, flexibility the highest levels that you require. Powered by Seos, the next generation of credential technology, mobile access works with a variety of mobile devices including smart phones, smartwatches and tablets. Best of all, mobile access gives you the ability to create the program that’s right for your organization, whether that’s a purely mobile solution, or mobile credentials paired with traditional card credentials. And subscription billing for mobile credentials offers scalability with predictability. Want to learn more about HID Mobile Access®? Get additional resources or talk to a mobile access expert. https://hid.gl/ma-yt

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