Future-Proof Your Access Control System with HID Signo™ Readers

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Tuesday, March 3, 2020Description :
Meet Signo, the signature line of access control readers by HID Global. This new reader line delivers unparalleled performance, versatility and smarter, more connected access control. HID Signo™ Readers provide unmatched support for the widest range of credential technologies, extending beyond today’s high-frequency technology to offer interoperability with legacy credentials. HID Signo Readers offer effective access control for almost any use case, and are easy to install and configure. Count on Signo technology to simply work, equipping your organization with trusted, powerful access control performance and unrivaled security. Designed to surpass traditional methods of securing doors, HID Signo Readers are connected and managed in a modern ecosystem with out-of-the-box OSDP support for secure bidirectional communication. Prepare for what comes tomorrow, today. Say hello to Signo at https://hid.gl/Zji.

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