Electric connection consistent and smart with FSB bridges

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Wednesday, September 11, 2019Description :
Electrical connections are the cardiovascular system of every control cabinet. A lot of COMPLETE line products offer the option to replace the classical wiring by FBS bridges. Therefore, more than 2.600 COMPLETE line articles provide consistent bridging shafts for a fast and reliable electrical connection. A good example for this is the bridging of terminal blocks with electronic circuit breakers PTCB. ?The electronic circuit breaker PTCB protects various kinds of loads. As PTCB measures, analyzes and classifies it can differentiate between high start-up current and short circuit. This allows on the one hand to start heavy loads. ?On the other hand PTCB can selectively switch off a defect load within 10 ms while other loads remain unaffected. So PTCB can be used for PLC and capacitive loads. ?Another great benefit becomes obvious in combination with the CLIPLINE products: PTCB has the design of the CLIPLINE terminal blocks. This makes the combination of both products so easy. ?You only need to set the bridge and the potential distribution is protected. The next advantage of PTCB is the possibility to bridge the potentials among themselves. The wiring of the PTCBs is fast and easy thanks to the Push-In connection technology. Protecting different loads has never been that easy. If you want to find out more about the systemic advantages COMPLETE line provides, please visit https://phoe.co/completeline ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates: https://phoe.co/subscribe

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