Efficiency monitoring for facade insulation with COMPLETE line

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Wednesday, May 20, 2020Description :
Efficiency monitoring for facade insulation is the subject of this COMPLETE line video. With a practical example the seamless and matched interaction of COMPLETE line products in this application is demonstrated. Actually, constructing a building includes much more than putting on stone on another. Topics like sustainability and energy efficiency occupy architects and owners and a lot of steps are taken to improve conventional construction matters. But how can you measure the impact of those changes? For example, the impact of a new and more efficient facade insulation material. ? Sensors from the field convey all data to the PLC next controller collects. ?Thereby our I/O modules Axioline Smart Elements transmit all input and output data reliably. ?The MINI MCR signal conditioners switch and control I/O signals. ?With PACT current transformers and EMpro energy meters you have access to all data in real time directly at the control cabinet. ?And of course a reliable power supply is mandatory to ensure the availability of the application. With this solution you can realize a 360° monitoring of your building efficiency to identify potential for cost-saving and climate-friendly constructions. This is only one of countless applications which can be realized totally with COMPLETE line products. With COMPLETE line you receive everything you need perfectly matched from one hand. If you want to discover more smart solutions do not miss our upcoming videos! ?Follow our YouTube series or visit https://phoe.co/completeline ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates: https://phoe.co/subscribe

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