Dimension reduction at the control cabinet with COMPLETE line products

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Wednesday, March 25, 2020Description :
Energy measurement is an important function to analyze the consumption of control cabinets and monitor variations. This function is important to ensure the power reliability of plants and machines. COMPLETE line offers smart solutions for this task. ?Installed within seconds Rogowski coils acquire alternating currents up to 4000 A AC for energy monitoring. It can be connected directly to EMpro energy measurement devices. ?The EMpro energy measuring devices are configured and integrated into the network within minutes. Reduce your wiring and configuration effort, and benefit from smart web server functions. ?If an error status occurred and some parameter in the application have been exceeded the limit values the display of EMpro turns red. Luckily it is easy to examine what's wrong: historical recorded error lists and the possibility just to export the current configuration data supports your for rapid troubleshooting. A reliable power supply is a key function for the interruption-free operation of plants. It avoids system failures and cost-intensive down times. A continuous energy monitoring is mandatory to be aware of the state of your plant. EMpro simplifies this task with highest usability and numerous communication options. Discover the fastest way for your energy measurement and find out more about EMpro. ?Follow our YouTube series or visit https://phoe.co/completeline ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates: https://phoe.co/subscribe

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