Dimension reduction at the control cabinet with COMPLETE line products

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Wednesday, March 11, 2020Description :
Dimension reduction within control cabinets is an important topic for panels builders. In times of rising functional variety more and more items need to be placed at the control cabinet. At the same time plants and machines are required to be more compact and space-saving. Of course, this also applies for the control cabinets that drive the machines. But how can all necessary products be placed within a small box? Luckily COMPLETE line offers clever solutions that realize full functionality on smallest dimensions. ?Take our Push-in terminal blocks and relays for example. They save up to 50% space compared to conventional solutions. ?Additionally the Push-in technology of course reduces efforts for installation and maintenance. ?Another miniaturized highlight with push in is Axioline Smart Elements – an I/O system with 32 connection points on only 15mm width. COMPLETE line offers an important added value to machine builders with smart product solutions on smallest dimensions. This way we want to enable control cabinet builders to master the challenges of modern production sites. Dimension reduction is only one factor COMPLETE line considers improving the processes of control cabinet building comprehensively. You are interested in other innovative solutions to optimize your planning and production for enhanced results with COMPLETE line? ?Follow our YouTube series or visit https://phoe.co/completeline ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates: https://phoe.co/subscribe

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