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Concept consulting means the professional review of existing structures from an external perspective to find solutions for improvement. This is exactly what Phoenix Contact calls the ClipX.Concept. ClipX comprises concept consulting for control cabinet building. Our concept consulting contains that our experts evaluate your manufacturing processes to find potential for smart production and a rise of efficiency. Then they enable you to realize new structures with manufacturing equipment, smart ideas and software solutions. ?The ClipX.Concept is part of the COMPLETE line system – the new standard for control cabinet building. ?Solutions that result from our concept consulting fit perfectly to the individual customer’s needs. ?The set of tools is scalable from small changes like the use of professional hand tools, to special reorganizations of the production to completely automized assembly lines. ?COMPLETE line is the comprehensive system approach for control cabinet building that considers all aspects from engineering to logistics, purchase and production. ?Optimize all process steps to reach enhanced competitiveness and maximum efficiency. ?Phoenix Contact is your strong and reliable partner for all tasks of control cabinet building. ?If you want to find out more about COMPLETE line please visit: ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates:

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