Component marking for easy orientation with the control cabinet

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Component marking is mandatory to structure control cabinets and guarantee orientation and a clear identification of all items and functions. COMPLETE line provides customized solutions for all requirements of a professional marking process. Standardized marking surfaces and a scalable system of printer, marking material and software improve the efficiency of your control cabinet assembly. ?A very good example for standardized marking material is UCT cards. Thanks to the unified marker groves of COMPLETE line products UCT can be used to mark more than 3,200 different products. Terminal blocks, relays or circuit breaker: UCT fits all. ?UCT can also be labeled with every Phoenix Contact marking system that operates card material. ?No matter if you use efficient thermal transfer printing: ?It operates high-quality UV LED printing: ?UCT cards can even be labeled with laser marking technology: ?The marking of COMPLETE line products with UCT material and Phoenix Contact marking systems simplifies your marking processes and reduces the parts diversity enormously. Realize a clear, valuable and individual orientation within your control cabinet with minimum effort. COMPLETE line provides comprehensive solutions for control cabinet building. ?If you want to learn more about smart production solutions with COMPLETE line, follow our YouTube series or visit ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates:

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