Change settings of CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019Description :
Change the setting of your modular hybrid motor starter easily. Motor at an industrial plant need to be switched and protected reliably. COMPLETE line offers a smart solution for this: CONTACTRON motor starters. The parametrization of CONTACTRON can be adapted within seconds. This way you adjust the current according to your needs. ?To set the current for the motor protection it is important that the module is not driven yet. ?First of all the "Set" button must be pressed for at least 6 seconds to enter the parametrization mode. ?During the SET button is pressed, the current value which is stored in the module is displayed. ?Now we can set the nominal current with the rotary potentiometer in 16 levels. Look at the four LEDs: the combination of them flashing indicates the adjusted current. ?The translation of this light code can be found in each CONTACTRON operation manual which can be downloaded at the Phoenix Contact homepage as well. ?After choosing the right adjustment press "Set" again for more than half a second, but less than 2 seconds. Now the current setting is saved. ?If you want to check it again, press the "Set" button for more than two seconds. This function only works out if the CONTACTRON is not driven and no failure occurred. ?CONTACTRON motor starters can be easily and flexibly parametrized. ?If you want to learn more about the intuitive handling of COMPLETE line products, follow our YouTube series or visit ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates:

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