Can simulation and digital twin keep up with C.A.S.E.?

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Saturday, July 11, 2020Description :
The mobility mega trends represented by C.A.S.E.* are a challenge to the world of automotive engineering as the variety, complexity and interaction of technologies continues to grow. Today we want to look at the range and extent of modelling as it is currently used across the many different systems in the automotive landscape and in Marelli’s portfolio specifically, and also at the evolution of these techniques in the future. As economics and development cycles continue to push down costs and lead times, and electrification and connectivity demand a paradigm shift towards a holistic, integrated approach to vehicle design and resource management, we ask the question: how will the tools of the future provide the power, accuracy and interoperability required to keep up with C.A.S.E.? Learn more at #SimulationWorld #DigitalTwin

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