Adjustable power supply preset with the QUINT POWER configurator

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Thursday, August 29, 2019Description :
Adjustable power supplies enable the optimum adaption of parameters for the specific control cabinet. Depending on the application a power supply is meant for its parameters need to be adapted individually. If you want to customize values like signaling thresholds, characteristic curves or the output voltage this can be realized comfortably with the QUINT POWER configurator. With this tool you can plan and order your power supply pre-configured in quantities of one or more. As the configurator is an online application you can use your desktop PC as well as your mobile device. ?Let us have a look at a brief example: We want to adapt an analog output to monitor the capacity of the power supply. This function is unique with QUINT POWER. ?Enter Open the section products. On the right side you find all our configurators. Choose "Power supplies and UPS" and then "Customizable power supply for superior system availability?. ?Select a 24 V/10 A power supply. If you scroll down, you see all parameters that we can customize like output voltage or output characteristics. If you are unsure what to select you find detailed information about all options if you click on the "i". ?For our analog output we look at "signaling", "out 2". Here we choose "Output current, analog [IA]". ?Now you get a special solution ID for your individually configured product. As soon as we receive your order, we adapt all parameters according to your wishes and organize a delivery within a few days. ?The QUINT POWER configurator is the fastest way to order your customized power supply. ?If you want to find out more about COMPLETE line please visit and learn more about smart digital solutions that support the right product selection. ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates:

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