Adjust of your power supply via NFC interface

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Wednesday, September 4, 2019Description :
Adjust the parameters of your power supply easily via NFC interface. Sometimes you need to do subsequent adaptions at your control cabinet. In this case the parameters for your power supply change as well. With QUINT POWER power supplies this adjustment is realized fast and simple. Using the QUINT POWER app, you can configure your power supply to adapt characteristics like signaling thresholds for preventive function monitoring, output voltage or the output characteristic curve to your specific requirements. All QUINT POWER products contain an NFC interface that can be addressed by the app via your mobile device. ?Start the app on your mobile phone. ?Choose between an NFC configuration or a manual configuration or open configurations you have saved before. ?Connect your phone via NFC to the power supply. The app displays all adjustable characteristics. ?Change the values according to your requirements and save them. Using the NFC interface and a mobile device you can customize your power supply anytime and everywhere according to your needs. ?If you want to find out more about COMPLETE line please visit and learn more about smart digital solutions that support the right product selection. ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates:

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