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Wednesday, July 29, 2020Description :
The AC power distribution board CrossPowerSystem allows a customized assembly with all components needed for a reliable AC power supply. This modularity is a genius tool to increase flexibility in control cabinet building. Everyone needs to do power distribution in control cabinets. Usually this is done by wiring up every device one by one. CrossPowerSystem is a downsized busbar system distributing the three phases within this small power distribution board. Now you have the possibility to mount all your devices directly on the board via plug&play. ?The new TRIO CROSS POWER 20 Amps power supply with integrated 8-channel electronic circuit breakers can be placed on the CrossPowerSystem ?Further we can add CONTACTRON hybrid motor starters. ?The potential distribution can either be realized with various terminal blocks or via this new adapter by PTFIX potential distirbution blocks. This way you can realize a whole power reliability application modularly according to the individual needs of control cabinet builders. And quite incidential CrossPowerSystem offers you some more smart advantages: ?A fast installation ?CrossPowerSystem saves up to 80% space compared to conventionally wired solutions. ?The functions of a reversing start, motor and short circuit protection as well as emergency stop are all integrated into one device. ?The new power supply already includes electronic circuit breakers. ?With an additional mounting of our new adapter bars you save space that was needed for terminal blocks before. This way costs are also reduced because control cabinet builders can use much smaller cabinets. ?CrossPowerSystem allows a very easy maintenance via plug&play. A reliable power supply has never been realized easier and more flexible. With CrossPowerSystem you create an individual solution according to your requirements. If you want to learn more about COMPLETE line solutions for AC power distribution visit us at! ?Follow our YouTube series or visit ?Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get the latest news and updates:

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