A View From the CTOs Office: Simulation-Based Product Innovation in the Digital World

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Wednesday, June 17, 2020Description :
Companies in industries as diverse as high-tech and semiconductors, aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial, and energy use simulation to engineer and test products completely in the digital domain without the need for costly and error-prone physical prototypes and experimentation. We call this approach simulation-based product innovation. Simulation enable these companies to drive top-line revenue by designing better products, and bringing them to market faster and with higher quality, and bottom-line cost savings by reducing the cost of R&D. These companies can innovate and solve incredibly complex challenges in areas like 5G, autonomy, electrification and the industrial internet of things. In this panel, we will discuss the role of simulation in the process of designing, analyzing, manufacturing and operating products in various industries. The panelists will share real challenges that these companies have faced and opportunities using digital technologies (AI/ML, big data analytics, IOT, 5G, Cloud, Mobility). Digital Twins are now being used in the design, analysis, manufacturing and operations phase of products in various industries. The panel will discuss how data analytics and simulation are being integrated to create Digital Twins and what value they are providing to various customers. Please join our panelists as they address these and other related topics. Learn more at https://simulation-world.com/. #SimulationWorld

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