A²ECF - Software solution for equipment automation with SEMI standards compliance

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Wednesday, May 15, 2019Description :
You are an equipment manufacturer and you want to scale up your equipment throughput for mass production? 1- Choose a robotics platform, 2- Connect A²ECF to your equipment hardware, 3- Create a professional User Interface, 4- manage your equipment workflows, 5- Connect your equipment to the MES 6- Let A²ECF operate Object oriented, entirely written in C#, fully integrated in Microsoft Visual Studio, A²EC is a multilayered application designed to be easily adapted to the end users' needs. With A²ECF: - Be in the right "time to market" - Reduce software investments - Focus on your core business - Increase maintenability and testability of your equipment software - Partner with a team able to support you - Get prepared to your customers' futur needs

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